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Advanced Whey Protein -4Kg

(11 customer reviews)

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  • 80% high quality Protein
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Instantly Soluble
  • No added sugar
  • No Trans-Fats
  • Added Probiotics sourced from USA
  • Added DigeZyme®

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Proquest Advanced Whey Protein contains whey isolate as the primary protein source. A superior blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate helps in increasing lean muscle mass . Each serving (33g) provides 26.4g fast absorbing protein ,7g of BCAA aids muscle tissue formation , 4.6g of Glutamine & Glutamic acid for hydrating , fueling muscle cells and maximising recovery ,26 essential vitamins and Minerals releases optimum and steady amounts of protein for bodybuilding.Enriched with probiotic ,boost immunity and DigeZyme® , a multi-enzyme blend helps in digestion & absorption of protein, carbs & fat in the body .
Proquest Advanced Whey Protein has been formulated not only for hard core gym enthusiasts but for all levels of sports enthusiasts from avid weekend warriors to casual gym goers as a part of overall active lifestyle, as it comes loaded with Isolate whey which increases blood amino acids and effectively increases muscle size and strength after resistance training. Whey Protein stimulates the the synthesis of Lean Muscle Tissue under resting conditions, which is accounted because of its high concentration of BCAAs particularly Leucine.

Single serving (33g) of Proquest Advanced Whey Protein offers:
• 26.4g of high quality fast absorbing protein helps in increasing muscle size, strength and endurance
• 13.3g of EAA & 7g of BCAA enhance protein synthesis, gain lean mass, prevent muscle soreness and help in faster muscle recovery
• Amino acid profile includes 8 EAAs, 6 conditional AAs and 4 non-essential AAs
• 4.6 g of Glutamine & Glutamic acid per serving helps in faster muscle recovery, increase muscle growth and improves immunity
• Added vitamins & minerals to fulfill micro-nutrients needs
• With DigeZyme®, supports protein utilisation ,proper digestion & absorption of macro & micronutrients. •Digezyme is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation • Contains no added sugar
• Comes in 4 distinctive flavours – Vanilla Cream , Milk Chocolate , Cookies N’ Cream & Alphono Mango

DOSAGE: Mix one scoop (33 g) in 220 ml cold water/milk in shaker or blender for a shake. Vary the amount of liquid to achieve your desire flavour and consistency. Take 1-2 servings per day to gain lean muscle mass. Best time to consume a protein shake is within 30 minutes after your workout.

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Alphonso Mango, Cookies N Cream, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Cream

11 reviews for Advanced Whey Protein -4Kg

  1. Anish

    Is this suitable for diabetes

  2. Abhishek Wadhwa

    I bought an Advanced whey protein . One of the best protein in terms of quantity , quality and pricing. I have been consuming this from 2 months now and have to getting desired result the way I expected .

  3. Amit Sachdeva

    Excellent product, consistent flavor and instantly mix with water or milk . It is my daily dose to get my protein levels up. Taste great even with peanut butter and with coconut water as well

  4. Sikar Sinha

    Always great whey from Proquest ! 100% recommend! Try delicious milk chocolate !

  5. Anshu Raman

    Value for money
    its good.. its effective.. its value for money… I have used MB for long and for the first time brought Advanced Whey Protein as per my friend recommendation and it’s worth it . Got a great deal on their website and the it taste great . As i have consumed number of protein and there is slight bitter after taste but proquest you guys did a great job . Thumbs up and must try guys .

  6. Pankaj Mehra

    Absolutely love the taste (especially with milk rather than water) and it mixes very well. Absolutely recommend this to anyone out there who has tried many different brands and never found one that they love

  7. Naresh Tanwar

    My muscles use to pain all the time after gym, tired and lazy . My gym trainer told me to consume protein .I think most of us have started workout by listening to the songs played in the gym and one common brand recommended by trainers in which they have the maximum cut . I went upto to Amazon and looked for the number of supplement available in the game .I wanted to consume something which I can trust upon and provides high quality protein with the authentic and results oriented protein . After long my search ended on Proquest Nutrition and have to say the quality they provide is remarkable along with the service for choosing the right type of protein for individual through consultation . i bought Advanced whey protein and their milk chocolate flavor taste awesome with the 26.4g of protein which is higher in the same segment offered by other brands. And the foremost recovery is great .

  8. Vikram Singh

    This is a great product at a reasonable price and gave me the desired results which I have been consistently seeing through months . Completely satisfied .

  9. Shubham Bhadana

    Great quality and have to mention here they have raised the bars for Indian supplements industry. The product itself is 5 starts.

  10. Manoj Kumar

    Purity and integrity of ingredients are always my number one factor when choosing protein. And his product completely hold this . Quality stands at part

  11. Promod Yadav

    Friends I would like you to give a try to Advanced Whey Protein .It tastes great and mixes smooth without much effort. I have been using it since 6 months and every time I bought the box have found the same flavor ,texture and great quality wand 100% authentic product .

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