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– PREMIUM QUALITY PROTEIN: The bulking process is supported by including a much-needed protein in your diet. Proquest Lean Mass Protein Powder accomplishes the aim by providing up to 54.6g of protein from every three servings with skimmed milk to help build lean muscle mass.
-PROQUEST high protein gainer is an elite lean mass gainer for building up lean muscles for advanced body builders and athletes.
-Boosts Muscle Growth & Recovery.
-Each serving provides 30g of protein derived from five different high-quality sources, 54.6g of protein, 147g carbs, 8.85g BCAA and 3g of creatine.
-Proquest High Protein Gainer Chocolate does not contain any sugar content, which implies that calories come from cleaner sources.
-Formulated for Massive Gains – Muscle Size & Strength.
-Guaranteed Authenticity – It is easy to check the authenticity of the product through the official Proquest Nutrition website.

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Proquest Lean Mass gainer combine protein, essential amino acids,carbohydrates and micronutrients to drive your body to increase on desired added size . Lean Mass , the premium high protein muscle gaining formula 3 Level Scoops (225g) provides 936 Kcal, 54.6g of fast and slow digesting protein, 147g carbohydrate , 3g Creatine Monohydrate ,6g of Glutamine & Glutamic Acids & 8.85g BCAA’s for muscle protein synthesis .Enriched with 186.3mg of Choline helps to boost the cognitive performance and protect the brain from degeneration and over 25 vitamin and minerals improves focus , stamina , strength & reduce fatigue .Combination of Bacillus coagulans probiotic and DigeZyme -A Multi-Enzyme-Complex, which supports protein utilisation ,proper digestion & absorption of macro & micronutrients. Digezyme is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation

• Recommended serving of Lean Mass 3 Level Scoops (225g) per day provides : • 936 kcal of energy and has been designed to help build lean quality muscle mass • 54.6g of fast and slow digesting protein and 147g slow & fast digesting carbohydrates provides ustained energy • 3g Creatine Monohydrate to help your muscles produce energy for exercise • 6g of Glutamine & Glutamic Acids an important amino acid for maintaining positive immune response and muscle function to support wellness goals • 8.85g BCAA for muscle recovery and growth
• Combination of Bacillus coagulans probiotic and DigeZyme -A Multi-Enzyme-Complex, which supports protein utilisation ,proper digestion & absorption of macro & micronutrients. • Digezyme is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation • 25 vitamin and minerals aids cell conditions extending performance and muscle growth
•Size Variants :- 1kg , 3kg & 5 kg

•100% Vegetarian
• Easily Soluble • Added Probiotics sourced from USA
• Added DigeZyme®, a multi-enzyme blend helps improve protein digestion, thereby lowering symptoms of bloating.
Recommended Dosage: As a dietary supplement, mix 3 Level Scoops (225g) of Proquest Mass in 350 ml water or milk depending upon your preference for desired thickness and consistency. Take one to three servings per day to satisfy your protein or mass gaining requirements.
OR Between meals: Take 1 scoops of Proquest Mass between meals to maintain positive nitrogen balance and support a high calorie diet
Post Workout: Take 2 scoops of Proquest Mass 30-45 minutes following exercise to support maximum recovery.
Before Bed: Take 1 scoops of Proquest Mass before bed to help muscles recover and feed anabolism throughout the night.

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Alphonso Mango, Banana, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Cream

26 reviews for Proquest Nutrition LEAN MASS – 5Kg

  1. Vishnu r Vishnu

    After using it for a month the taste is too sweet that u can’t have 2 scoops that is the suggested serving

  2. Nikhil Tiwari

    Very high quality product. And flavour is milk chocolate Soo testy

  3. Mohd Haroon

    It has a great flavor with chilled water or milk. U can buy this product and make sure with proper training.

  4. Sameer Jamadar

    Good suppliment for gain weight. I am using this for week and i can see changes in me. Also tastes good. Looking forward to see the change

  5. Kishan Prajapati

    It is 100% original product. No side effects.

  6. S Srinivasan

    Very nice product.everyone should use it


    Product is pretty much good , 5 days ago i have started using it, you must keep a good diet for it , i think it will be fast and more effective

  8. Ravi Bhati

    Liked it .Really nice . Muscle recovery is very good and drinking with plain water only . No digestive issues

  9. Alfa

    This is a good supplement from Proquest. Taste and flavour is phenomenal but you need to understand that it it will help to gain your weight only after your natural diet is ok with at least 2000 to 2500 kcal with proper protein fat and carb ratio. it is not a magic item. Many of you don’t have a proper diet and you eat a scoop of Proquest gainer per day and think I will be a muscular hulk . So first thing you need to maintain your natural diet, workout, after that Make sure you are taking a minimum 4 scoop of of proquest gainer everyday then you will see e the difference within one month.

  10. Jignesh Bhimani

    Geninune product..worth of buying

  11. Shaukat Shaikh

    Bestest gainer in cheapest price

  12. Alameen Jalal

    Fantastic products for weight gain

  13. Bhubab sitala

    nice good product

  14. Ashwani Kumar

    Affordable yet the results was perfect

  15. Rakesh Kumar Kunal

    It’s very good for my body

  16. Kuldeep Gujjar

    Good gainer

  17. mohammed sarfarosh

    Very good quality product and very nice to eat


    Good for beginners

  19. Vishalsingh Gaur

    It’s very good does not matter that is better test l accept give me a good results

  20. Akshay Supe

    Looking forward for the better result… Flavour is good. Blends well in water.

  21. Vikash Tripathi

    muja lagta h its test qualti is low vs nutra &as it is& imported supplyment ! but result? is waiting?

  22. ajay lubana

    Product is awesome, very smooth and dissolves easily, with amazing taste as well, very happy with this product

  23. Hukum Singh

    Good products

  24. Ishant Sharma

    it’s taste is very good flavor of the Milk chocolate.

  25. Sahil Arora

    its really awesome , i have used mango flavor in lean mass ,the taste was awesome with good quality, great

  26. Rohit Verma

    I got Results, & I Really liked the flavor of milk chocolate In lean mass very tasty with smooth mixblity,.. i will purchase again

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