Proquest Nutrition Lean Mass Gainer – 3Kg

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  • Lean Mass Gain – MUSCLE BUILDING
  • Protein Gainer – For the Elite Bodybuilders
  • AUTHENTIC Product

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Proquest Lean Mass gainer combine protein, essential amino acids,carbohydrates and micronutrients to drive your body to increase on desired added size . Lean Mass , the premium high protein muscle gaining formula 3 Level Scoops (225g) provides 936 Kcal, 54.6g of fast and slow digesting protein, 147g carbohydrate , 3g Creatine Monohydrate ,6g of Glutamine & Glutamic Acids & 8.85g BCAA’s for muscle protein synthesis .Enriched with 186.3mg of Choline helps to boost the cognitive performance and protect the brain from degeneration and over 25 vitamin and minerals improves focus , stamina , strength & reduce fatigue .Combination of Bacillus coagulans probiotic and DigeZyme -A Multi-Enzyme-Complex, which supports protein utilisation ,proper digestion & absorption of macro & micronutrients. Digezyme is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation

  • Recommended serving of Lean Mass 3 Level Scoops (225g) per day provides : • 936 kcal of energy and has been designed to help build lean quality muscle mass • 54.6g of fast and slow digesting protein and 147g slow & fast digesting carbohydrates provides ustained energy • 3g Creatine Monohydrate to help your muscles produce energy for exercise • 6g of Glutamine & Glutamic Acids an important amino acid for maintaining positive immune response and muscle function to support wellness goals • 8.85g BCAA for muscle recovery and growth
  • Combination of Bacillus coagulans probiotic and DigeZyme -A Multi-Enzyme-Complex, which supports protein utilisation ,proper digestion & absorption of macro & micronutrients. • Digezyme is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation • 25 vitamin and minerals aids cell conditions extending performance and muscle growth
  • Size Variants :- 3kg & 5 kg
  • Flavor Variants :- Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Cream, Alphonso Mango & Banana



•100% Vegetarian

• Easily Soluble • Added Probiotics sourced from USA

• Added DigeZyme®, a multi-enzyme blend helps improve protein digestion, thereby lowering symptoms of bloating.


Recommended Dosage: As a dietary supplement, mix 3 Level Scoops (225g) of Proquest Mass in 350 ml water or milk depending upon your preference for desired thickness and consistency. Take one to three servings per day to satisfy your protein or mass gaining requirements.

OR Between meals: Take 1 scoops of Proquest Mass between meals to maintain positive nitrogen balance and support a high calorie diet

Post Workout: Take 2 scoops of Proquest Mass 30-45 minutes following exercise to support maximum recovery.

Before Bed: Take 1 scoops of Proquest Mass before bed to help muscles recover and feed anabolism throughout the night.

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Alphonso Mango, Banana, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Cream

41 reviews for Proquest Nutrition Lean Mass Gainer – 3Kg

  1. Lavkush Kumar

    Helped me gain significant muscle mass. Still using the product. Will repeate this protein for sure.

  2. Aryan Singh

    Fantastic product, complete with amino acids and vitamin and minerals, not to high in carbs or sugar and a good mix of protein.

  3. Dikshith S

    Flavor is too good i am feeling the gains in10 days it is good in price amd great save of money

  4. Ashok Patel

    Original but flavor not like Banana

  5. Mr Gourav

    It’s authentic product. , i special recommend for weigh gain

  6. Md Sadik

    got it delivered on time!! Great tasting too. Value for money . Good product!!

  7. Sanjit Roy

    I’m regular customer’ 100%happy with price and delivery

  8. Mihir ranjan Swain

    So Happy for Original Product

  9. Abhishek Prajapati

    Good value product

  10. Manjeet Gurjar

    Good suppliment compare others

  11. Rakesh Dangi

    i purchased the vanilla flavor it tastes amazing


    Very good product, Flavor is not bad

  13. Abhijit Saikia

    Best quality original product

  14. Shubham Gurjar

    I love the result m getting.

  15. Manjit Kharoud

    Banana flavour is horrible, money down the drain now

  16. Bashar Deeb

    Chocolaté flavour is too good, Gained nearly 2kg of weight in just a month

  17. Vinod Chougule

    Awsome work on my body

  18. Lalnunpuia Puia

    Product is nice and give 100% result

  19. Akashdeep Singh

    I’m really happy with my order. I will definitely be buying again!

  20. Thaer Nassif

    Very good product

  21. Sidhu Padulkar

    This stuff is great, tastes great and works well

  22. Manish Kumar kumawat

    Good product. Takes a while to mix, but great for making gains.

  23. Vijeesh Vk

    Excellent product great taste puts on weight

  24. Vijendra Meena

    I like this product

  25. Shibli Khan

    Great product and delivery…. by Proquest

  26. K Yogendra Babu

    Very satisfactory

  27. pradeep raghav

    Value for money. Great flavour

  28. Rahul Mitra

    Very nice taste. I am happy whit this. And I feel good after I drink it


    Does the job and works as expected

  30. Bala Murugesh

    the taste is ok good value for money would buy again

  31. Sagar Suroshe


  32. Nani Nelapati

    Descent performance in wait gaining.

  33. Shiva Senthiya

    Simply I would say AWESOME!!

  34. Vikash Kumar

    Bloating at the beginning but serious progress thanks to the product

  35. Makwana Parth

    100%genuine and very good product i was scratch the authentication code and send the given no. and receive message immediately this product is 100%genuine

  36. Izaz Khan

    Love it, flavour taste amazing.

  37. Rakesh Awate

    very good product started using it but will see how the results will be when i finish it

  38. Deep Deep

    I got the original product scanned the code the product is genuine, received from the fresh stock, mixability is good

  39. Karanbir Singh

    I Really Got Result, I Am Gonna Place Order Again, The Vanila Flavor Is Really Creamy & Smooth With A Good Taste.

  40. Ravi Mohammad

    I Have been using lean mass from last three months, i Am Really Thankful to lean mass, i got best result with lean mass, .Ofcourse We Must follow The Gym Routine While Using This For The best Result, Lean mass is very Helpful For Me For Muscles Gaining.

  41. Paras kumar Paras

    Really good Lean Mass For Muscles Gaining, Just Go for it ….

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